Gem Stones
Discovering the colours

"Design and colour are not distinct and separate. As one paints, one draws. The more the colours harmonize, the more the design takes form."

(Paul CÚzanne)

When it comes to jewellery you cannot forget that what makes it unique and valuable is the material in which they are made. Platinum, gold and gem stones are the colours that give our creations the charm and appeal that won the hearts of women and men all around the world. Therefore, the colours and their harmonization are a focal point when you design and produce a jewel.

Just like painters choose, mix and blend the colours of their palettes, so we select and proportion our raw material to obtain a jewel in a total "harmonic balance".

The path that binds shape and colour is closely connected and is characterized by a structural and formal coherence. Orexport chooses to use different types of precious gem stones and metals because each of them is able to give to a jewel important features that are not only related to aesthetics or to the value of the product, but that also involve at an emotional level.

Between history and legend.

Pure white is the set of all colours. Its etymological meaning is shining (from Old German "blanch"). The white represents the invincibility, the strength, the endurance and the preciousness as the "sum of all things." Speaking, for example, of precious gem stones we can not forget the diamond (from the greek "adamas", meaning "invincible, imperishable"), which has become the symbol of eternal love and fidelity. They even say that Cupid had, in his arrows, the diamond powder to strike at the heart of lovers. And what about platinum? Rare, pure, precious, strong and durable so that Agamennon had even used it for his armour.

Red represents health, wealth, warmth. Simply life, what shines with feelings and passion. The ruby was, for the ancients, the symbol of many gods and depicting the cosmic power of birth and fertility.

Yellow is a symbol of wisdom, valour, loyalty. The yellow gold, for example, was the oldest and most secure method of payment and, even today, is a reliable and stable investment. It follows the entire history of mankind and it is still the faithful companion of life.

Green is positive. It symbolizes rebirth, all that is natural, but for the ancient Romans, it is also linked to the realm of magic and divination. In fact, the emeralds were particularly sought after because it was thought that they would stimulate the intelligence and eloquence.

Blue is the colour of the spirit, the infinite. It gives a feeling of peace, serenity, stability. For this reason, in many countries, the sapphire is used in engagement rings: embodies "what is reliable."

But now I call upon our gemmologist to speak.

"What are the qualities of colour that you search in a gem?" Mainly there are three: the brightness, the shade and the saturation. The brightness is the ability to reflect light, the shade represents the pure colour and the degree of saturation expresses the intensity of said colour.

"In what way these qualities are enhanced?" Certainly through the cut of the stones. The type of cut we choose, the number of facets and their precision combine to highlight, exponentially, the brilliance of our gems. It is very important, therefore, at the beginning of the creative process, to study the solution, which will set off the materials used.

"Why do you choose to combine a particular gem stone to a certain precious metal?" I will answer with one word: to experiment, in the sense of testing and verifying the result. I like to think that the combinations, the colour effects, shapes and materials, the choice of weights and proportions attract attention and that they "tempt" our customers with unique and original objects, dreams jewel.

"What is, for you, the colour?" The colour is a form of language. An ancient and universal form. Fascinating, evocative of emotions and feelings that are reflected in the everyday life. For this reason it is important that our jewels have a wide variety of colours and shades, because everyone tells a story, so who chooses it can be perfectly represented in it.